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The Background:

Wienerberger Brick Ltd and DRM Technic Ltd have a long and proud working relationship cultivated over many years, with DRM providing products, technical support and system services for their UK sites.

Wienerberger's Kingsbury site is one of only a few European sites which manufacture engineering (blue) bricks. The combustion processes within the tunnel kiln (especially the levels of Carbon Monoxide) are key to the quality of the finished bricks, as well as the overall profitability of the site.

Kingsbury had been experiencing problems with the existing equipment due to high maintenance, component failures and poor product support. Problems included poor and inconsistent Carbon Monoxide readings due to calibration and zero drift errors, plus analyser damage due to sample gas cooler and filtration failures.

DRM Technic Ltd were approached to evaluate the ongoing problems and to propose suitable replacement equipment. The remit was to provide commercially suitable equipment that met strict technical and quality requirements. 

Potential Issues:

There were four major specifications that we had to keep in mind while designing the system:

1) The internal combustion (and combustion gases) of the brick kiln changed frequently and quickly during the firing of the bricks. Therefore, the Carbon Monoxide measurement needed to have a very quick response time (Carbon Monoxide being used to the control the required combustion atmosphere within the kiln, something which is vital to maintaining the quality of the finished product).

2) There are large variations in the ambient temperature of the area where the analysis house was situated. 

3) The kiln operators were very experienced with the existing systems, meaning that our system had to be easy to operate and quick to learn, ensuring a quick learning curve and smooth transition.

4) As the site operates 24 hours a day, we needed to offer system that could be maintained and serviced by the site engineers. 

Our Proposal:

The systems we proposed utilised a number of components including filtration (such as primary, secondary and police filters) and media transfer systems (such as flowmeters, pumps, etc.). The two main components were the Fuji ZRJ 5-component MultiGas Analyser and the Bühler EGK 1/2 Compressor-based Gas Cooler.

Both are specified for use in situations involving large temperature differentials and where high repeatability and resolution are required. Both have a long service life, low maintenance costs, are easy to operate and provide high levels of stability over long periods of time.

We are pleased to say that Wienerberger Ltd accepted our proposal and ordered all the equipment as specified.

In addition, we also worked with them to organise the ongoing service requirements of the newly installed equipment by providing operator/engineer site training and a DRM provided annual service contract. 

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 Image courtesy of Martin Green of the Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society


More case studies will be posted in the near future.